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hey, how do i mod the sla files? ive tried to search it up and it says scribus, but when i open it it always says "file damaged or may have been produced in a later version of Scribus"

ive converted the sla to txt so i know whats in it, but then got hit with the road block of not being able to convert txt back to sla hahahaha rip

i think im able to edit the settings file, but ive no idea how to edit the texture sla files? i think they are where the textures are stored??...... x'D

nvm... i dunno how to even save the settings.sla file hahaha gg

Hello !

It seems like you are quite confused about it. So let me explain how to modify the settings.sla file :

What you actually need is a hex editor software. If you modify the game files on PC, I recommend HxD, but there are other hex editors that you can use as well. The reason for using a hex editor software is to prevent the game from crashing when modifying the settings.sla file.

Also, make sure that the seetings.sla file should have the same amount of characters as the unedited version. Otherwise, the game will crash.

As for most hex editors, the readable texts are located on the right side of the software window. It's a bit clumsy to make modifications on softwares like this, but when using it quite often, I think you can get used to it.

hmmmmmmm i tried this, as i already use HxD on my pc ;3 hehehe but it kept crashing? hmmmm ill have to keep trying xD i tried to make the recharge value from 1500 to 300 to make it from 25 mins to 5 mins? i dunno how the math worked but i did also try to put 0300 to see it that worked but kept failing x'D ill have to check another value to swap like hard to soft for buying things like chao friendship :D but yeah im very confuzed on it all x'DDDDD ahahahaha thanks for the reply!! at least one of my methods should have worked but didnt x'D just need to keep trying :3 ♥

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Normally, if you put like "0300" instead of "1500" on HxD, it should work fine. And this is what I mean by the file should have the same amount of characters as the unedited version. Thankfully, you can remove characters in one place, and add that same amount of characters in another.

yeee it wont lemme change the simple anytoken to soft instead of hard, but it let me change it back and it installed... hmmmm how odd .-. i changed it to soft and it refused to install, but i changed it back to hard in the hex editor and it seemed to accept it, so it feels like there are some things we are alout to edit and some things we cant =x=;;; so confuzing!!!! XD

nope even cost type does the same, change shadows tokens from 3 cost type to 2, and it refused to install again x.x' uuuuuugh....

In any case, my mods have all the characters unlocked from the start specifically to showcase the unreleased characters (Cream, Rouge and Vector).

Well then. I'm looking for someone who can fix the soundtrack issue, as the music doesn't play on certain Android devices.