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Sonic Jump Fever, originally released on Android and iOS devices in 2014, is the sequel of the 2012 version of Sonic Jump.

While Sonic Jump is still available on app stores, Sonic Jump Fever has been forgotten. While still playable, its server has been shut down in late 2020. The server is used in Sonic Jump Fever to automatically change zones based on time periods. Without the server, the game can't change zones. As the result, we can only play in Green Hill Zone.

This is where Sonic Jump Fever Archive Mods comes in. It's a mods collection featuring all the 4 playable zones.


Each folder contain a "m4a" and a "mp3" version of the mods.

Sonic Jump Fever has an issue with its soundtrack. The music just doesn't play at all on certain Android devices. If you counter this issue, try the "mp3" version of the mods that uses .mp3 files to play the soundtrack properly (may not work with all music or may not work at all).


As a bonus, all the mods have infinite Energy. Meaning that you can play Sonic Jump Fever as many time as you want!


You can't earn any achievements while playing the mods. If you want to earn achievements in Sonic Jump Fever, you have to download the game from the Google Play Store. Read the HOW TO PLAY THE ORIGINAL VERSION section down below for more information.


If you search for Sonic Jump Fever on the Google Play Store, you can't find it. Even by manually inserting the URL link. However, despite the game being unsearchable on the Google Play Store, that doesn't mean you can't download the game anymore on it.

To play the original version of the game, buy Sonic Jump Pro on the Google Play Store and open the game app. On the title screen, you can see a Sonic Jump Fever icon at the top left of the screen. Press this icon and you'll arrive at the Sonic Jump Fever Play Store page. In this way, you can download the original version of the game and be able to earn achievements by playing it.


Game created by : ©HARDLIGHT

Game published by : ©SEGA

Sonic Jump Fever is a registered trademark under the rights of SEGA Corporation


Green Hill Zone 86 MB
Blue Sky Zone 86 MB
Mechanical Zone 86 MB
Jungle Zone 86 MB

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