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It's say for android but why it's say it's for PC

No. The only mention of being on PC is BlueStacks. Which is an Android emulator for PC.

The game itself is playable on any Android devices.


nice game, long time no see!

Hello !
I managed to make the Spanish version of the game... by looking at the Sonic Advance Spanish instructions manual. ^^'
Also, there isn't any Portuguese instructions manual. So I made a Portuguese version by myself.





What is the Difference between Version A & Version B of the Sonic Station Mod?

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The difference is that they are extra files in Version A, which seems to be patches to make the game runs smoother according to SonicStation. Whereas Version B doesn't have those extra files in case when Version A doesn't work on certain smartphones.

However, I didn't mentioned this on the presentation because I can't find any evidence about smoother framerates and performance differences between the 2 versions.

It true that I could have leave the question of whatever or not you noticed any technical differences during gameplay, because I haven't.


Thank you very much for the quick response. I'll be sure to download one of the versions to see which will work on my phone better 👍

( ̄、 ̄)


This game page will be completely updated for being more than just my mods page. In fact, I just gave some help to another Sonic fan who made his own mod of the Android port of Sonic Advance and he agrees that his mod will be published in this website.

Because of this, I have the idea of turning this game page into "Sonic Advance - Android Mods Collection".

The most important change is that the game page's link will also be updated. So keep that in mind !

I don't have any specific date for the update, but you'll see the changes yourself.

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¡Saludos a todos!

¡La versión española de Sonic Advance finalmente se lanza!

Puede consultar los textos y ver si hay algún problema con los textos en español.

Hello everyone !

The Spanish version of Sonic Advance is finally released !

You can check the texts and see if something is wrong with the Spanish texts.

I also fixed the difficulty names, because I accidentaly exchanged the difficulty names (EASY - NORMAL). I'm sorry.

Nice,now I can play it in Spanish!

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Don't forget to check both the game and the CHECK OUT TRANSLATION HERE folder and contact me if there is some grammar errors. I think I made no mistakes, but I'm not exactly sure.

It don't have no mistakes so,Thanks!

You're welcome !

Wait… What do you mean by "It don't have no mistakes" ? Does this means that it has mistakes ? If not, you should have said "It doesn't have ANY mistakes". to avoid confusion.

By the way, if you checked all the Spanish text in the CHECK OUT TRANSLATION HERE button, that means I can remove this download button.

Sorry,I'm learning english

*** UPDATE ***

- The Sound select option menu has been changed to be more satisfying to read.

- The HELP menu has been modified to represent the instructions manual of the Sonic Advance's GBA version.

When it comes to the Spanish version, I hope that everything would be okay and I'll be able to work on it. I'm waiting for someone to finish the translations and give them to me.

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For Furikan:

I have to translate the  <L> ■ PROLOGUE|| text?

EDIT: If you want play my games

EDIT: I refer to the PROLOGUE text

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Everything is explained in the INSTRUCTION HERE file. It says that the "<L>" and "|" are just special codes specifically designed for the text alignments in the game. Which means that for the translation, you have to ignore the "<L>" and replace the "|" with Space.

WHAT A COINCIDENCE ! I also use paint.NET for modifying those sprites. However, don't write on the images (except for the RESUME image if you want). Just make a translation list in another file instead. I'll take care of the sprites modification later.

Actually, I already play some of your games. They aren't great games, but still enjoyable.

Thanks,your games are AWESOME.

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This is because I didn't made those games (except the Flappy Bird one). They are just mods of already existing games.

Also, don't worry if the game's thumbnail is different. Because I improve my presentation quality.


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By the way, I forgot to tell you somethings :

First of all, I made a few modifications in my files again. So you have to download the translation folder again. But this time it's only less files to take care of. (I'm so sorry if I bother you) By the way, you don't have to make an exact translation in order to give better context for Spanish readers.

If you can find the Spanish instruction manual of Sonic Advance, the first line is based on the story-telling of the manual.

Then, for the translation, uses the 2nd person of singular to describe the game's user. I say this, because I don't know if the Spanish language uses the 2nd person of plural as a form of politeness for an individual person like in French.

Also, once you are done with the translation and give it to me, I'll give to you a reward. Believe me, you gonna like what I've made !

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Hello !

Actually, I managed to do all the translations myself. Although, I don't know if I made some mistakes in some words, so I'm gonna publish the Spanish version and you'll check the texts if I made mistakes. But I think I did my best to understand Spanish, thanks to the Sonic Advance's Spanish instructions manual.

However, you can either keep translating what I gave to you or checking out the Spanish mods that I'll publish. What do you say ?

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(Hello Marianoa213 ! Don't forget to re-download the translation .zip file)

I'm here to announce that a Spanish version will be coming soon. It's gonna be a big update !

For now, I managed to fix a lot of, if not, every translation errors (again) and graphical issues that I made during the previous versions of the mods. When it comes to translation errors, I admit that it's my fault.

However, when I modified some images files with texts to translate, I realized that the colors has been modified slightly or, worse case scenario, a few parts that are glitched. All because of this STUPID GOOGLE PHOTOS WHICH SOMEHOW DECIDES TO TURN .PNG FILES INTO .JPG !

And this is why I decided to never use Google Photos to save in the cloud any of my future content from now.

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I hope the game is going to be awesome with spanish.

I can help improve the game's perfomance too.

You can use Dropbox to save your files too

EDIT: I don't know if Dropbox turns .png files into .jpg 

First of all, I don't mind much about .PNG and .JPG fiasco, because I use Google Drive instead, which doesn't change images when uploaded.

Secondly, if you want to improve the game's performance, I hope that you know how to program in Java and Smali. Because I don't know how to program in those languages and I didn't found anyone who can develop projects using those languages. Especially for free. For that, I'll say good luck !

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Sorry but I don't know program in Java and Smali.

But I know program in Construct.

EDIT: I use Google Drive for save files too!

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Okay then. Maybe if you can find someone who is good at Java and Smali, that would be helpful. But if you can't do that, I don't blame you.

Don't forget to download the .zip folder in *** FOR TRANSLATION ***.

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I'm translating with Paint.NET

EDIT: Do Paint.NET works translating?

EDIT: I redownloaded the FOR TRANSLATION file





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*** UPDATE ***

As you may notice, the GBA soundtrack mix mods are now smaller in memory size (58.9MB to 21.9MB).

This is because I made the .OGG files of the GBA soundtrack mix smaller by removing some of the music parts that are unused in the game and by compressing the soundtrack with Audacity.

You might think that it reduces the music quality, but it's actually not noticeable. Trust me.

I also fixed some of my translation errors (stupid me).


thank you so much for this!!

You're welcome ! ^^

I hope that someone can help me to translate this game into other languages.

I can help

Hello there ! How can you help me ?

Can you help me translate this into other languages (except English and French) or improve the game's performance ?

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Can I put the Spanish language?.I talk spanish and english

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Of course !

I can give to you the files once I'll make a special button where you can download all the text that you have to translate.

It will take time though, but I'll tell you once I'm done. Also, there will be instructions about how to deal with certain files.


Also i'm using computer.

Why french person?