A downloadable Office Trouble

In an office building, robots, secret agents, exterminators and ninjas wander around the building. Why are they here? What are their reason? Who are they looking for?

Arvi, the first ever VR character brought to reality, has received a hiring from a small independent movie studio. They wanted to make a movie with him. Arvi accepted the job and went to the movie office for a meeting.

However, things aren’t going as well. The building is filled with secret agents, robots, ninjas and other traps. Their mission is to catch Arvi, so a foreign government can use him manipulate people and take over the world by spreading propaganda.

It’s up to you to help Arvi to get away from the trouble in the building and reach the office and movie studio. Now go and make the movie done!

Office Trouble Starring Arvi is a 2D action arcade game taking inspirations from games running on the SEGA System 16 arcade hardware.

Take control of Arvi in the troublesome building filled with offices and obstacles to traverse, enemies to avoid and items to collect.

The goal is to reach the highest score in the hi-score table. To score big, you have to finish stages by collection the required amount of movie items and reach the exit door within a time limit for each stage.

If you reach 1'500'000 points, you'll be granted with a surprise!

Office Trouble is currently in concept phase. And because this is quite an ambitious project, I would need help from people who has experienced with game development.

Contact me to the Help Wanted community board if you want to help working on the game development.


  • Game programmers
  • Game designers
  • Level designers
  • Graphical designers (optional)
  • Sound designers (DefleMask or Furnace)
  • English and Japanese voice actors
  • Japanese translator
  • SEGA System 16 programmers (optional)


  • Clickteam Fusion
  • Commander x16 (optional)
  • Construct
  • Game Maker
  • Godot
  • Pure programming (no engine)
  • Authentic SEGA System 16


Due to a lack of budget in place, I would prefer having a team who can work on this project for free. If you are interested for a salary, we have to make a discussion about it.

A donation can make a potential budget for the game development.
Thank you for helping the game project if possible.

Game director

Graphical designer

Special Thanks
Arvi Le Renard

Development log